IT Consulting

IT Consulting

We help you in re-evaluating and redesigning an IT environment that is aligned with your business goals. We offer a full range of IT consulting services and help in bringing together all the players needed in developing a winning service portfolio.

Let’s find the right direction in executing your business strategy. Enterprise Architecture (EA) consultants help you translate business vision, strategy and requirements into an effective change – with IT as an enabler. On top of this, our project and program management experts will ensure a smooth implementation of the needed changes and lead you through a successful transformation.

Years of experience in complex and business critical transformation programs with global companies ensure the experience and competence needed to help you choose the approach that best suits your needs.

We can help you with single advisory assignments with limited scope all the way to full scale integration projects supporting your continuous planning and governance process in all levels needed.

In Imagination you will find a dedicated partner to ensure the success of translating your business vision and strategy into an efficient business transformation execution.

On Shore Consulting:

Imagination Software Technologies onshore consulting services helps clients around the world to use it’s expertise at very economical charges for taking up onshore assignments. These assignments can be of varied nature ranging from consulting to short term development & deployment works to long term outsourcing of manpower to client sites. This helps in the clients to leave their non-core tasks of development and IT servicing to our expertise and focus themselves on the main line of activities of their businesses.

This saves the rigmarole of recruiting the right person, training them to attain expertise and managing them for the long term and all the trouble of hiring and staffing. Instead they are able to get the ready expertise of Software development and Servicing from us. That too at a price that offers immense savings on their own costs.

Onshore consulting from Imagination Software Technologies has brought win-win situations to both the client and us. The clients are benefited with experienced professionals and the company’s capability maturity model for their IT needs and the company and its resources benefit from the vast exposure of working on different business processes of the international clients, thus increasing their own knowledge and domain expertise of the various verticals. We can provide these resources right from the levels of architecting expertise to developers to Quality Assurance and testing professionals.

Off Shore Consulting:

We offer a comprehensive Consultancy Service designed to give our clients knowledge and access to the all, which Technology can offer. Most small to medium sized businesses don’t have vast assets for consultants and technology, so we always take a practical approach to all projects we get on and make an effort to keep costs as low as pragmatically possible.

Imagination Software Technologies provides a variety of professional IT services which include website design, development, e-business and software solutions for individuals, small and medium sized companies.

Imagination Software Technologies helps its global clients remain at the forefront of their business domains with smart and innovative uses of technology to operate their businesses more efficiently. We deliver flexible, custom applications and offshore software development outsourcing solutions that improve quality and reduce costs.