Social mobility is shifting from one social status to another, commonly to a status that is either higher or lower. For example, a child of day laborers who becomes a professor achieves upward social mobility. In sociology, social mobility explains changes (or lack thereof) in social status.

Societies organized by social class, rather than caste, usually allow greater social mobility; in such societies, one’s ability to achieve a higher social status can depend on factors such as social connections, wealth, effort, and education. In meritocracies, social status depends on merit.

Gender and race can limit upward social mobility, and many sociologists believe social mobility depends more on social structures — such as the opportunities offered to different groups of people — rather than individual efforts.

If you are looking for potential customers, where should you look first? The places they spend most of their time – on social media platforms – are a good place to start. We can help you find the exact people you are looking for, forming effective social media strategies to accurately target your chosen demographic groups.

Of course, it is not enough to just find them. While we can dramatically increase your social media reach, getting your message out to more people in more markets, it is also vital to engage more people. We can conduct a full social media data analysis and audit: measuring your social content against your own best practice benchmarks, and helping you to ensure that consumers not only see your content but also respond to it.

Another valuable aspect of our social media analytics services is the information we glean from your brand’s interactions on social media – how your customers and potential customers respond to your social media actions. Beyond that, we take the time to place what they are saying about you in context, even when it is in response to nothing at all. Sometimes, these views are the most honest, and useful, of all.

Social Media Analytic’s

We combine social media data analytics with our keyword research findings and other strategic work to give you a truly comprehensive view of your customers’ perceptions of your brand, highlighting the information you need to boost your online performance.

Getting the complete picture prevents the (potentially embarrassing) omissions of a strategy based purely on social listening. For instance, we once discovered that much of a client’s online reputation was coloured by a negative review that was highly ranked on Google. Their social listening had not picked up on this, and they had no idea why customers were so hostile to them.

Our thorough, open-minded approach is extended to the social media analytics tools we use. Our development team is capable of supplementing your current enterprise-level equipment with more specialized applications to meet your company’s unique needs.

Services we offer

Our social media analytics services include:

  • Social media audits;
  • Social media data analysis;
  • Keyword research; and
  • Analytic’s tool development.